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Advanced Health Care Directive & P.O.L.S.T.

Nurse Taking Notes

A Hawaii Advance Health Care Directive (A.H.C.D or  POA & Living Will) grants a responsible friend, relative, or any person of a patient's choosing the authority to make medical decisions in the event that he or she does not have the mental or physical capacity to do so.

A P.O.L.S.T (Physicians Order For Life Sustaining Treatment) form is intended for a person who has a chronic debilitating illness or is facing a life limiting disease. Healthcare professionals can help you fill out your own form, but it MUST be signed by your physician or APRN in order to be valid. It contains medical orders indicating what medical care you want or don’t want if you become unable to make the decisions yourself. Including resuscitation, medical care intensity, hospitalization and artificial nutrition. 

The state of Hawaii has a lot of available  information,  about A.H.C.D.  planning. The organization Kokua Mau  also assists with A.H.C.D.'s and  other public healthcare related subjects. See Kokua Mau's complimentary educational booklet attached  with the state documents below. 

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